Co-designed with Chris Young (Domain owner)

Project Overview

Version-3: Put live in mid-1997 at domain "".
Designed: Spring 1997 with Windows 95, Netscape 3.0 using 256-colour images. Website access ceased from late-1998 for reasons unknown (domain-name currently defaults to host-IPP-advertising). Demo unavailable.

Designed: Winter 1996 with Windows 3.11, Netscape 2.0 using 16-colour versions of images. Text/images of villas supplied by owner.
Select for demonstration (mostly 16-colour versions of photos).

Designed: Autumn 1996 with Windows 3.11 and Netscape 2.0 via 16-colour screen. Original text/images supplied by owner.
Select for demonstration. Basic outline includes one illustrated villa (16-color).

Pvh - April 1998

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