Demo Project Overview
Purpose: To demonstrate categorised item/price quotations online.
Source-material: Sample data list (189 items), 4 images (2 logo, 2 photo).
Development: Planned as an "efficient" rather than "flashy" model, using Javascript ("JS") being studied at the time.
Designed: Autumn 1997 for specific parts company. Project halted after company declined interest. Revised in March 2000 (Version 5) for demonstration with new ficticious company name.

A-Bit A-Bar

Version-5 (latest): March 2000. Calculation totals improved for quotations.
Project renamed Autobit Racing with new logo. All data imported from separate Javascript file, evaluated by program in top frameset. Quotations page calculates Net Total, Vat, and Grand Total.

Version-4: November 1997. Screen-design boosted (colour etc).
Uses one parent JS program and raw data import (held in parent frame). Category-sorting by secondary framepage programs. Individual items selected by checkboxes, for description/value/totals carried over to quotation page.

Version-3: Basic JavaScripted.
Each datapage uses its own JS program tailored to raw data (imported whole as a list of function arguments).

Version-2: Basic frameset. Screen design minimal.
Uses pre-tagged data lists, each datapage being a pre-sorted category.

Version-1: August 1997. Database text-report (16kB).
Has 189 items pre-tagged into HTML. File reduced from original source (35kB) by substituting tabs for white-space.

Peter Hobbs

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