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BARCZA SYSTEM - "Queen's Pawn" Var.
King's Indian Attack

White set his queen's pawn on Q3(d3) for 6.QKt-Q2, 7.P-K4 - the rare but flexible K.I.A. path system.
Black develops his King's Knight to KB3(f6), taking temporary control of White's K4(e4).
     White   Black
 1.  Kt-KB3  P-Q4
 2.  P-KKt3  P-QB4
 3.  B-Kt2   Kt-QB3
 4.  0-0     P-K3   Alt. 3..Kt-KB3 route
 5.  P-Q3    Kt-B3  Transp.from Sici. V.

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