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[ECO code C23]
BISHOP'S OPG. (Classical Var.) to GIUOCO PIANO

Black developed his queen's knight to QB3(c6) to contest control of White's Q4(d4), deterring 4.P-Q4.
White transposes into the Giuoco Piano main line by developing his King's Knight to KB3(f3) to support a 5.P-Q4 advance.
    White  Black    Transp.White Black
 1. P-K4   P-K4		  (1.)
 2. B-B4   B-B4	    (2.	Kt-KB3 Kt-QB3)
 3. P-QB3  Kt-QB3   (3.	B-B4   B-B4  )
 4. Kt-B3	    (4.	P-B3	     )

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