Chess Board
[ECO code C22]
CENTRE GAME - Berger Var.
Winaver Var. - The Kupriechik Variation

Black pushed his QPawn out to Q3(d6) and freed his QB for use, the modern best reply to White's ..B-B4.
White develops King's Knight to KR3(h3), likely planning 9..BxKt, 10.Kt-Kt5.., 11.BxBP+ch. W-Alt.
   White  Black		White  Black
 1. P-K4   P-K4	     6.	B-Q2   0-0
 2. P-Q4   PxP	     7.	0-0-0  R-K1
 3. QxP    Kt-QB3    8.	B-B4   P-Q3
 4. Q-K3   Kt-B3!    9.	Kt-R3
 5. Kt-QB3 B-Kt5

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