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Leningrad System - The Matulovic Variation

White set his QKt behind his QBP, controlling Q5(d5).
Black's rarer Queen's Knight to QB3(c6) pressures the White QP to advance. The 1992 Oxford Companion said of Yugoslav IGM Milan Matulovic (b.1935): "Although a non-smoker and teetotal, his antisocial behaviour leads to him being invited to few tournaments." B-Alt.
    White  Black	White  Black
 1. P-Q4   P-KB4     5.	Kt-KB3 0-0
 2. P-QB4  Kt-KB3    6.	0-0    P-Q3
 3. P-KKt3 P-KKt3    7.	Kt-B3  Kt-B3
 4. B-Kt2  B-Kt2

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