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[ECO code D83]
GRÜNFELD DEFENCE - Grünfeld Gambit
The Botvinnik Variation

White's QP removed Black's attacking QBP.
Black develops his Queen's Bishop to K3(e6). Usually continues 8.Kt-B3..Kt-B3, 9.Kt-KKt5..Q-R4, 10.KtxB..PxKt, 11.Q-R4..QxP, with equality. B-Alt.
    White  Black	White  Black
 1. P-Q4   Kt-KB3    6.	R-B1   P-B4
 2. P-QB4  P-KKt3    7.	QPxP   B-K3
 3. Kt-QB3 P-Q4
 4. B-B4   B-Kt2
 5. P-K3   0-0

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