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RUY LOPEZ - Open Morphy Defence
The Howell Attack (aka. Moscow A./Keres V.)

White develops his Queen to K2(e2) seeking play on the Qfile. An aggressive attack (analysed in 1922 by Clarence Seaman Howell) first popularised at the 1948 WCC. Best replies are 9..Kt-R4, 9..Kt-B4 or (mainly) 9..B-K2 for a good game. W-Alt.
    White  Black     5.	0-0    KtxP
 1. P-K4   P-K4	     6.	P-Q4   P-QKt4
 2. Kt-KB3 Kt-QB3    7.	B-Kt3  P-Q4!
 3. B-Kt5  P-QR3     8.	PxP    B-K3
 4. B-R4   Kt-B3     9.	Q-K2

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