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NIMZO-INDIAN DEF. - Rubinstein System
The Ragozin Variation

White developed his KKt to KB3(f3), inviting ..P-Q4.
Black advances his Queen's Pawn to the centre to control White's K4(e4) - a position seen equally via the Queen's Gambit Declined, Ragozin line.
    White  Black    Alt. QGD route
 1. P-Q4   Kt-KB3   (1.	P-Q4   P-Q4  )
 2. P-QB4  P-K3		  (2.)
 3. Kt-QB3 B-Kt5    (3.	Kt-QB3 Kt-KB3)
 4. P-K3   0-0	    (4.	Kt-B3  B-Kt5 )
 5. Kt-B3  P-Q4	    (5.	P-K3   0-0   )

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