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[ECO code D26 > 29] Move Move Here
QUEEN'S GAMBIT ACC. - (to) Classical Var.
White's KP step tripled his QP support against 4..P-B4 and freed his KB to attack Black's doubled QBP.
Black in the main also posts his KPawn, blocking his QB but freeing his KB and shielding his weak KBP as he expects 5.BxP. In effect he returns the gambit as he cannot realistically keep the pawn gained. B-Alt.
     White   Black
 1.  P-Q4    P-Q4
 2.  P-QB4   PxP
 3.  Kt-KB3  Kt-KB3
 4.  P-K3    P-K3    Alt. 4B,2B route

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