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[ECO code D20]
Saduleto Var. - The Schwartz Defence

White advanced his KP to K4(e4), freeing his KB for 4.BxP in an inferior attempt to take the centre early.
Black advances his KBP to attack White's KP. A dubious defence first published in La Palamede in 1842 tending to continue 4.PxP..BxP, 5.BxP..Kt-QB3, 6.Kt-KB3..Kt-B3, 7.Q-Kt3..Q-B1 for White adv. B-Alt.
	White	Black
 1.	P-Q4	P-Q4
 2.	P-QB4	PxP
 3.	P-K4	P-KB4?!

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