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Before:  637kB
After:  181kB  

1998 Project Objective: to demonstrate reduced downloading-time for a business website, achieved by image compression. Times can be compared by fetching an original copy and a restructured copy of the same web-info from the same server.

View before (May '98 copy)  and  after (quicker)

Image Comparison Chart
Original CopySize (kB)    Restructured Compressed RenamedSize (kB)
1.gif 9.77 Made transparent Yes jw.gif 3.44
2.gif 3.8 Made transparent Yes jh.gif 2.79
a1.jpg 35.4 Yes n-atzp1.jpg11.30
access1.gif1.29 Yes b-access.gif0.55
atp.gif 23.3 Yes n-atp2.gif 11.70
atz.jpg 24.9 Converted to .gif Yes n-atz2.gif 7.75
c7c.JPG 16.8 Yes n-c7c.jpg 4.80
c7r.JPG 19.2 Yes n-c7r.jpg 5.71
cta_sign1.gif1.66 No (same)1.66
cta_sign2.gif2.33 No (same)2.33
email1.gif 1.04 Yes b-email.gif0.34
f1.JPG 11.0 Yes n-f1.jpg 2.84
f2.JPG 11.4 Yes n-f2.jpg 3.64
f4.jpg 26.2 Yes n-f4.jpg 7.00
f5.JPG 13.5 Yes n-f5.jpg 4.47
f6.JPG 35.7 Yes n-f6.jpg 8.47
f8_lcd.jpg 38.0 Yes n-f8_lcd.jpg9.27
fence02.gif10.6 Slightly cleaned Yes n-fence4.gif9.61
guard1.gif 1.16 Yes b-guard.gif0.44
jf008a.JPG 35.8 Yes n-jf008a.JPG8.97
jf104a.gif 34.6 Yes n-jf104a.gif12.90
logo_m.gif 6.29 Made transparent Yes jlogo_m.gif4.85
logo_m1.gif3.62 Made transparent Yes jlogo_m1.gif2.87
news1.gif 1.03 Yes b-news.gif 0.35
other1.gif 1.03 Yes b-other.gif0.35
phone1.gif 1.4 Yes b-phone.gif0.63
Podl1_1.GIF 122.0 Resized Yes podback2.gif3.07
Yes strip3.gif1.18
sbc1.gif 1.5 Yes b-sbc.gif 0.70
sw1.gif 1.14 Yes b-sw.gif 0.42
time1.gif 1.31 Yes b-time.gif 0.57
wire1.gif 2.54 Resized Yes b-wire.gif 0.63
wire2.gif 96.8 Cleaned+Converted Yes n-wire3.jpg7.89
yes.gif 0.85 Redrawn Yes tick.gif 0.20
Original Total: 595 kB New Total: 143 kB

Outcome: The original 637kB site (13 pages = 42kB + 595kB of images) was reduced to 181kB (14 pages = 38kB + 143kB of images) by described means without visible loss of data, enabling a 70% cut in user download-time.

Pvh: 1998 text (revised 2007)

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