The MALE Gatherings - 1923

The American descendants of Thomas and Anna Male have a third photograph taken at the diamond wedding anniversary in 1923 showing only the couple and their six children (ie. photographed without their spouses). The photo was used in an article for a Schenectady, New York USA local newspaper a few weeks after the event (which the article mistakenly describes as having been in Selsey, Sussex rather than Kingsbury, Somerset).

The newspaper article is reproduced in full below, and refers to a further celebration held in Schenectady by the 34 American descendants of brothers Frank, Charles ("C.W.") and Courtney, shortly after their return to the USA in December. The article also indicates that Courtney, by his address, had not returned to England permanently to retire as yet.

(REAR STANDING L-R): 1.Courtney Male, 2.CW Male, 3.Maud [Male] Male, 4.Kate [Male] Jeanes, 5.Frank Male, 6.Hubert Male.
(FOREGROUND SEATED L-R): 7.Anna [Priddle] Male, 8.Thomas Male.

Scenectady Newspaper Article: Click for close-up of Photo 1


Observe 60th Wedding Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Male, who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at Selsey-on-Sea, England, are shown with their six children, three of whom live at Schenectady, and who are: Courtney T. of 802 Becker street [Sche.NY]; Charles W. of stop 21, Troy road [Sche.NY]; Mrs. George Male of Selsey-on-Sea, England; Mrs. John Jeanes of Kingsbury, England; Frank J. Male of 18 Regent street [Sche.NY]; and Hubert Male of Kingsbury, England. The photograph was taken November 7 in England, where Mr. and Mrs. Male observed the anniversary. The affair here was intended for the descendents in America, who could not go to England, although the November 7 celebration was attended by all of the children. The other 34 descendents celebrated here Saturday afternoon.

The three brothers (Frank, Charles and Courtney) returned to the USA on the passenger liner "Majestic" (Southampton - New york, 5-11 December 1923) along with Frank's wife (Anna), the other two wives having returned on a separate sailing.

For Charles, it was his second "anniversary" sailing having previously visited for the golden wedding in 1913 with his wife Christina and daughter Maud, when they then returned on the "Mauretania" (Liverpool - New York, 6-13 December 1913).

See also Photo 1 (including spouses) and Photo 2 (the younger generation).

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