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Level 1(to-6) Headings

Whereas a screen Title (such as "HTML PRIMER... Example") should have some relationship to the outside world, the Level 1(to-6) Headings should introduce each major section of the screen-document. The heading sizes range from <H1> to <H6>.

This second paragraph is inserted to emphasise how italics are formed, how paragraph tags are used to separate text and to point out that the <STRONG>, and <B> (for bold) tags are interchangeable - they have the same visible effect! Similarly for the <EM> and <I> tags!

<H1>Level 1(to-6) Headings</H1>
Whereas a screen <STRONG>Title</STRONG> (such as "HTML PRIMER... Example"
... the <B>Level 1(to-6) Headings</B> should introduce...