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The Inner Planets

Planet Distance (AUs) Length - Year Length - Day
Mercury 0.38 88 days 59 days
Venus 0.72 225 days 243 days
Earth 1.00 365 days 24 hrs
Mars 1.52 687 days 25 hrs

The text above uses tabs to align data in columns. Except it doesn't align the data (I'm departing from the book here...). The (draft) HTML3 specification uses an ID="name" attribute to create each tab stop, and the source-text is marked up accordingly. But in Netscape 2.0 the table will not portray itself clearly because Netscape 2.0 only uses HTML2.

(And what happened in Netscape 3.0? - it used the "final" HTML 3.2 specification, which dropped the proposed idea of tabs... illustrating the golden rule that one should only use existing mark-up that works equally in all current browsers. - Pvh 4/98).