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This input form is created using table tags (instead of break tags), to achieve aligned input-boxes.

Incidentally, the "HTML3 Manual of Style" suggests retaining break-tags in case a user's browser supports forms only and not tables. But using both <TR> and <BR> in Netscape 2.0 can result in a multi-line space-gap just above the table if the break-tags are not properly set within (rather than in between) table-data fields... So until you are thoroughly experienced at setting tables, use only the table row <TR> tags to set different rows.

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Radio input buttons can be set inside structural paragraph-tabs if larger line-gaps are required before/after them. They can also be centre-aligned by using the Netscape 2.0 extension <CENTER.../CENTER> structure tags, although balancing the text alongside can be difficult:

5... the best!
1... the worst of all!

Radio input buttons can also be set inside a table (with borders if desired to emphasise varying text per button):

First class Second class

Brilliant! Very Good Just OK Trash


For blank single-input, use <TEXTAREA attribute> (rather than <INPUT TYPE=attribute>) tags.

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