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The colour and size of individual text elements within a page may be altered by using the Netscape 2.0 extension <FONT>...</FONT> tags. These, like other inline style tags, should be used inside other enclosing HTML structure tags. FONT has 2 attributes: SIZE and COLOR.

SIZE is a signed number ranging from +3 to -3 indicating relatively how much larger/smaller than normal font the desired text is to be. COLOR takes an rgb value similar to that used for the BODY BGCOLOR attribute.

Thus for example: <P> <FONT SIZE=+2 COLOR="#FF0000"> RED! </FONT> </P> will result in the text RED! appearing inline among other text in the paragraph.

Using <FONT attribute> tags inside table-data, a colour-chart could be shown on the page as:

Colour:Attribute Colour:Attribute

Medium Red #7F0000 Light Red #FF0000
Medium Yellow #7F7F00 Light Yellow #FFFF00
Medium Green #007F00 Light Green #00FF00
Medium Cyan #007F7F Light Cyan #00FFFF
Medium Blue #00007F Light Blue #0000FF
Medium Magenta #7F007F Light Magenta #FF00FF