Requires (minimum) Netscape version 3 or MS-Explorer version 2 to show coloured data (tabled).

JUST ONE PROBLEM: When forming the main (2nd) chart, the script refuses (in my Netscape 4 only!) to recognise that its work is done until +20 SECS LATER! It works fine in Netscape 2+3, and MS-IE2... But you may press "STOP" on your browser early if you get the same problem in N4, to see the chart appear more quickly (with a program-dump underneath - an extra for those interested in Javascript).

White   Silver   Red   Lime   Blue   Yellow   Magenta   Cyan  
Black   Gray   Maroon   Green   Navy   Olive   Purple   Teal  

Above are the basic 16 colours used by the Windows Operating System (set out as B+W+greys, +primaries [RGB], +secondaries [YMC]). All browsers recognise the 16 names shown, but these are the only colours "quoteable" without confusion. The rest need hex-codes for portability.

Modern video-cards/monitors enable 16-million varieties of color, but browsers still only use about 240-max-colour palettes. These can be 240 varieties of reds, or blues+creams or whatever, to a limit of 240 max. colours in any one image. But that allows all the variety you'll ever really need, as can be seen from the shade-chart of 195 colours below.

The shade-chart itself was programmed from scratch by me to show both a balanced variety of colours and the hexadecimal RGB coding of each colour. The dump-function was modified from an example about arrays in a reference book.

JavaScripted Colour-Chart by Peter Hobbs (Eudesign): Feb 1998

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