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[ECO code D00]
QP. GAME - (to) Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
The Lemberger Countergambit

White's QKt attacked Black's newly doubled KP with an improvement on the original 3.P-KB3 Blackmar.
Black advances his base King's Pawn to K4(e5), playing the Lemberger Counter Gambit to defend his K5(e4) pawn. Rarely seen, White can have many replies (eg. 4.PxP, 4.KtxP, 4.B-K3, 4.Q-R5). B-Alt.
	White   Black
 1.	P-Q4    P-Q4
 2.	P-K4!?  PxP
 3.	Kt-QB3  P-K4

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