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[ECO code D00]
The Blackmar Gambit

Black's centre QP removed White's attacking KP.
White plays a dubious gambit by a King's Bishop's Pawn to KB3(f3) rather than playing the (improved) 3.Kt-QB3..~, 4.P-B3 line. Originated in 1881 by U.S. music publisher Armand Blackmar. Refuted by 3..P-K4, 4.B-K3 (4.QPxP..QxQ+ch) 4..KPxP. W-Alt.
	White	Black
 1.	P-Q4	P-Q4
 2.	P-K4!?	PxP	!?=interesting
 3.	P-KB3?!		?!=dubious

Example ends: Undo or Jump or Clear